When 2 Become 3

Experience of the phenomenal capacity of our birthing body can give us an enduring sense of our own power as women.
Birth is the beginning of life. The beginning of mothering, and of fathering.
We all deserve a good beginning.

Who we are

Guya, an Amharic word, is a metaphorical place of safety for the baby in the mother’s arms. And that is exactly the purpose of this platform- a place to equip expectant parents with the knowledge and tools to bring and keep your precious ones safely in your arms.

The first of its kind in Ethiopia, the purpose of the courses we offer is to lessen anxiety of expectant parents. Our initial course is focused on educating parents on the birth process and what to expect during labor, after delivery, special circumstances, and hospital tips.

Our grounding framework is centered around the Lamaze healthy birth practice approach and we focus on the health, wellbeing and smooth delivery for both mother and baby.

What we do

Prepared Childbirth Class

A comprehensive course on what to expect during pregnancy, labor and delivery with an additional coverage on what mommy should do after delivery. We help you prepare for the arrival of your new baby by providing you the tools you need to make educated decisions and psychological readiness during and after pregnancy.

Newborn Care Class

Aims to ensure couples have the skills and knowledge to provide appropriate care at the most vulnerable period in a baby’s life. Couples will learn what to expect in the hospital and during the first few weeks of baby’s life. Topics include bathing safely, diapering, feeding, ways to soothe a fussy baby, and signs and symptoms that require a trip to the hospital.

Breastfeeding Class

Whether you delivered vaginally or via Cesarean section we will teach you all the different breastfeeding positions helping you find the most comfortable one for both you and baby. You will also learn the basics of how lactation works, how baby should properly latch to the breast, tracking baby's feed, ways to stimulate milk production, complications and remedies, and more.

Infant CPR & First Aid

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure that can help save a persons life if breathing or heart stops. Learn how to identify if your infant baby is in cardiac arrest and perform CPR. In addition, learn common first aid for your baby to prevent or reduce further complications until you reach a health facility. We will cover emergencies like choking, foreign body in the nose/ear, burn, bleeding, fainting and much more.

Complementary feeding Class

The introduction of complementary foods during the weaning period is generally progressive, and leads your baby to reach the dietary pattern of an adult. In this class you will learn how to identify your baby is ready for complementary foods, why it's important, which food groups to introduce at what age and more.

Modern Support For Modern Parents
Our ethos is to dispel myths surrounding childbirth through education and practical skills so mothers and their partners can feel empowered. We offer a variety of courses that help you become a prepared parent from conception to early childhood development.

Why Trust US

We follow the Lamaze approach and provide quality, unbiased information and nurturing support to help empower new parents in making the right choices for them and their families during pregnancy, birth and in the early days of parenting.  Ranging from pregnancy consulting to newborn care, and breastfeeding support, Guya can help make this time in your life safe, peaceful and stress-free by accommodating the needs for both mommy and daddy. 

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